Arts & Cultural Space

Visiting gallery or cultural art space can be relaxing somehow.
It’s a place to slow down and unwind yourself from the tensions accumulated through busy daily life. It’s a place to escape from the chaos and focus on your inner peace.
The temperature required in this field is relatively low in order to preserve the integrity of the work.
Therefore, we suggest that in addition to basic air conditioning, the field can also be equipped with ceiling fans with better wind flow diffusion ability.

Dual functions can be used together to create a good convection environment. According to the individual needs of the exhibition space, you can arrange the most suitable position to install the ceiling fan through the wind field model test technology. The airflow can be effectively circled in every corner and quickly cool down to maximize benefits.

The most important thing is that we have a professional product design team. For different artistic space styles, you can provide you with a variety of creative ceiling fans to choose from. The creative fans that have been designed will be integrated into the artistic environment and presented to each other.

It not only has the bonus effect of spreading unique exhibitions, but also makes the environment more holistic without losing its functionality. Break the traditional style of the past, In addition to providing basic air circulation, the ceiling fan can make the exhibitors' experience more comprehensive.