Our Business
Aerofanture is committed to bringing you a comfortable environment with clean air.
We possess both depth and breadth of experience in providing innovative,
high-performance ventilation and air purification solutions
for a variety of spatial applications,to bring you excellent indoor air quality and comfort.

Every customer is unique.
We help you select the products and customization services
that will best suit your spatial needs, to give you the air quality environment you want.

1. Fans
We can find the right ceiling fan to suit your living space, whatever style you need.
We have many indoor fans to select from, so you can stay cool while maintaining your space’s style.

2. Air Purification
We provide products and services to monitor air pollutants and environmental conditions, which helps you keep a handle on air quality. Some common spaces that need air purification include offices, classrooms, public buildings, medical facilities, and residences; air purification helps you can create healthier, happier spaces for living & work.

​​​​3. AIoT
We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to make communication between people, cloud big data, and the real world a reality. Examples include using apps and voice control to connect devices.

4. Integration and Planning
Aerofanture brings smart, comfortable air quality to all your spaces, so family, employees and everyone else can enjoy the best possible environment to live, work, and enjoy.

5. Technical Consulting
Aerofanture offers one-stop integrated services, including complete software/hardware, planning, and design services. Whatever your space, we can provide you with a total airflow and air purity testing and analysis solution