Commercial Building Solution
With the rapid urbanization, we are seeing more buildings in the city – whether it’s commercial towers, entertainment center or shopping areas. All these places have in common is poor air ventilation and the crowd that’s difficult to track and control. When people are starting to return to these places in the post-pandemic era, the only thing we can control is to improve the air circulation.

Commercial building solutions
In addition to air-conditioning, adding ceiling fans is a good way to quickly increase convection. Through our air flow stimulation analysis service, we can evaluate the best wind current position of the field for you. Installing the ceiling fan here can effectively speed up the spread of airflow.

We are also starting to develop ceiling fans that combine air filtration or antibacterial and deodorizing functions, providing electrostatic dust collection, plasma sterilization, negative ions ……etc. Furthermore, our air quality monitoring service can help you monitor the environmental changes at all times with immediate feedback. You may the quality air and feel the natural breeze even when you’re in an indoor environment.

We have a wide selection of creative designer fans that can fit into various spaces. Whether it’s a rustic industrial style co-working space or a modern chic office, our products not only complement the aesthetic of the interior ambient but also bring benefit by improving the indoor air quality. Your space will have both comfortable air and style for your guests and staffs.

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