Green Factory

The issue of environmental pollution continues to rise, and in the face of relatively scarce resources, countries with a large number of industrial developments are gradually becoming more alert to this issue.
It has become an irreversible trend to maintain the ecological environment, to make the co-prosperity between industries and products, and to transform energy.

Green factories

The green factory is in line with the current international trend of environmental protection, combining the two mechanisms of "green building" and "clean production".
The goal is to reduce the impact on the environment during the operation of each factory and to achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction, and to create green industry as the future development goal, so that all industries can obtain the ultimate benefit of sustainable development.

Most of the common old factories are mainly built of iron, and in summer, the strong heat-absorbing material causes the internal space to be in a high temperature state.

Working in such hot environment for long hours can be a brutal time for the operators. Not only the body temperature will rise as the external temperature increases, it might also affect work efficiency and cause health issue if the situation last for longer period.
In order to reduce these heat radiation problems, most factories have installed large industrial ceiling fans to quickly dissipate heat. Using large size ceiling fan to achieve produce convection and reduce temperature effect in overall spaces.

We also provide professional airflow planning for the special needs of this field.
For your factory to determine the most suitable ceiling fan installation location and the closest matching ceiling fan size.
We can also use ceiling fans with forward and reverse functions to effectively achieve air circulation and accelerate the heat dissipation effect in the environment according to the different weather conditions.
We can even match the ceiling fans with DC motors for you to save a lot of money on electricity without losing functionality, so that you can achieve the maximum functional effectiveness.

This allows your factory to do more than just cool down when convection is generated through the ceiling fans.
It can cool down the temperature "quickly" and "effectively" while keeping the original purpose of "energy saving" inside and outside the building.