Hospitality Solution
Nowadays, health consciousness is on the rise. People are paying more attention to environmental quality. Compared with outdoor open spaces, some enclosed spaces with poor air circulation such as hotels, are the main areas where people spend most of their time during the holiday – which the air quality of such spaces are going to be one of the considerations when choosing a place to stay, need more precautions from the property owners.

Air-conditioning is standard equipment in most hotels which can easily control the indoor temperature. What people don’t know is that after using for long-term, it will generate dust, mildew, particle pollution… etc. Moreover, the second-hand and third-hand smoke left by previous guest that keep circulating within the space could also lead to potential health hazard. Continuing to circulate the polluted air in the room will cause a variety of health concerns for the guests. If effective air exchange and convection measures are not taken, it may cause infectious viruses flow into the indoor air, so that guests have a greater risk of infection.

The air conditioner with fixed air outlet not only fail to properly circulate air within the overall space but also consume considerable electricity.
In addition to opening windows to increase natural air circulation, alternatively you may also install a ceiling fan to increase air circulation even faster – with far less power consumption. Combined with clean air and indoor air anti-bacterial deodorization technology solutions, in accelerating convection while leaving fresh air, for each guest to bring the healthiest, clean quality of living.

Whatever type of hotels or rooms, we have the comprehensive solution for you.
From planning the most suitable installation place for optimize air flow,
Customizing various size and spec of fans for all size of rooms,
Designing different numbers of blades according to the airflow requirement,
Designing various style to align with the interior ambient,
To adding air purification, anti-bacterial, and deodorization technologies,
The propose is to maximize the benefits of the overall space,
Provide the most complete and comprehensive consideration for you.