Performance Space

Many performance spaces are airtight, there are easy lead to stuffy, hot and the other doubt due to the air are not circulate. Most of traders use air-conditioning to increase convection, but unknown the dirt stay in the air outlet didn't be wash for a long time even go on using will harm to human. It's must not be ignored.

However, this type of fields usually need to accommodate many people due to the activities. In the case of limited space, there will often be higher density situations. If the air circulation is not effectively improved, only relying on air conditioning for convection intensity is relatively insufficient. In addition to open the window, we are very suggest install ceiling fan to promote convection and rapid cooling in your space. Even more spacious space, we can add many ceiling fans to accelerate results. The purpose is to make the convection more complete in order to circulate effectively.

The most important appeal of this field must be "quiet", therefore, most places will isolate items that may cause noise, the purpose is to make excellent visual and auditory experience for audience. Don't worry about this question. We collocation DC motor to use, compare AC motor more less noise which can effectively eliminate the trouble of noise but without losing its function. We are very recommend the ceiling fan with DC motor to this space.

We also provide air volume analysis technology to test the most suitable location for adding ceiling fans to your space, so that the ceiling fan you choose can maximize the benefits and reduce the consumption of the air conditioner, so as to help you. Save a lot of unnecessary power waste, make you not only comfortable in use but also achieve the dual effect of energy saving, but also allow users in the environment to keep cool audio-visual enjoyment at all times.