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Easy installation,energy-efficient with 3 colors—ceiling fan Arc is on the market!

February 10,2023
The problem of indoor air pollution will lead to high carbon dioxide concentration due to the high density of office space, so more attention should be paid to indoor ventilation

This ceiling fan has an exclusive design blade that reduces the air resistance and hence increase the air circulation to achieve the maximum of the air volume which really helps and improves.

The reversible control function allows you to switch the direction of the modern ceiling fan from downward airflow during the summer to upward during the cooler winters so as to reclaim and lose heat from the ceiling and to cut down on energy costs.

One of the 52 inch size specifications for medium-sized rooms is the most suitable, Enjoy unlimited wind power in a limited range.

1. "The exclusive patented blade design", jump out of the shape and angle of the traditional fan leaves, reduce air resistance, thereby increasing air circulation, maximizing air volume, and achieving real convection improvement in space

2. Not only the features of being convenient and quiet, the 6-speed reversible DC motor can enhance the indoor air circulation and cutting down on the energy costs from the air conditioner

3.An easy-to-use remote control that gives you a hassle-free experience controlling the ceiling fan. You can easily dominate your fan via 6 speed settings.

4. The ceiling fan can also be automatically turned off by an intuitively button on your remote control.
1) Gives you a comfortable sleep experience with lowered electricity bill and less environmental footprint.
2) This auto-shutdown function not only gives you a comfortable sleeping experience but also less worry on energy cost.

5. This fan has a considerate design that will complement most spaces. Hang it in a living area or family room to keep things cool in the summer time and even reverse the motor to keep it warm in the winter. This Aerofanture Fan will keep you cool for sure.

Our Arc ceiling fan is an air-conditioning device with many advantages
''low energy consumption; easy maintenance; and efficient room temperature adjustment''
all while providing you with the most comfortable space to live and work in. The Arc is the perfect choice to meet global needs.

Let your space, every corner, blow to the coolest natural wind.
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