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Easy installation, versatile space, 2 in 1 ceiling fan—Switch is on the market!

August 04,2021
Climate change. Indoor air quality. The pandemic of 2020.
These and many other factors are focusing everyone’s attention on the air we breathe – and rightly so.
People are gradually realizing that using fans instead of air conditioning systems
for ventilation can significantly reduce energy consumption,provide indoor ventilation, and reduce the risks of cluster infections.

Switch ceiling fan picks up the real industrial wind, with a metallic, reliable exterior image,
with warm wood fan leaves, a variety of space styles, but also to bring people familiar with and comfortable life experience.

Through the DC motor and the forward reverse design used with the remote control,
keep your space cool in summer and warm in winter, Find the most suitable air flow cycle effect for you according to different climate needs,

One of the 52 inch size specifications for medium-sized rooms is the most suitable, Enjoy unlimited wind power in a limited range.

1. "The exclusive patented blade design",jump out of the shape and angle of the traditional fan leaves, reduce air resistance, thereby increasing air circulation, maximizing air volume, and achieving real convection improvement in space
2. The demand of "applying diverse space and convenience" is in line with the functions of switching remote control and timing of the operator,reducing unnecessary energy consumption and saving energy effectively

3. "Two-in-one design" to meet the needs of wind volume and lighting at once

4. The Switch uses energy-saving LED lights that let you adjust the color temperature and brightness

5. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly appliances are available in winter and summer
6. The blades are made of balsa wood, which is both environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch.

Our Switch ceiling fan is an air-conditioning device with many advantages
''low energy consumption; easy maintenance; and efficient room temperature adjustment''
all while providing you with the most comfortable space to live and work in. The Switch is the perfect choice to meet global needs.

Let your space, every corner, blow to the coolest natural wind.
Buy Now ►►►https://www.aerofanture.com/switch_light