Integration and Design

Integration and Design


At Aerofanture, we have both depth and breadth of experience in providing innovative, high-performance ventilation and air purification solutions for a variety of spatial applications. With our rich experience, design aesthetics, technical knowledge, and engineering expertise, we can offer the best air quality solutions, whatever your application.

Hospitality solutions

Hospitality Solution

A beautiful vacation; a rare chance to travel. When a guest gets back to their hotel room, they want to be able to enjoy the evening and relax, not worry about air quality. We can create just the right design for any type of accommodation – inn, hotel, motel, B&B, resort, you name it – and provide a wide variety of creative fans to match the décor. Whatever your design and performance needs, we can give your hospitality space the ideal atmosphere.

Commercial building solutions

Commercial Building Solution

Many commercial and office buildings these days have poor ventilation. Working long hours in such a low-oxygen environment can lead to mental exhaustion and fatigue; when severe, it can even result in reduced work performance. This presents businesses with a headache. But lowering indoor carbon dioxide levels and improving air circulation can bring a breath of fresh air to any office, which means you can give your workers an enjoyable, comfortable working environment that boosts your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Public spaces

Public Space

Public spaces see all kinds of people, animals, and things pass through them; and that means that air quality is even more of a concern in public spaces than in private ones. Of course, it’s good if the general public can help keep the air clean; but it’s also good to add an assistive element of convection to keep the air fresh. By removing substances like carbon dioxide, you can create a balanced environment and keep your space’s air new and fresh at all times.

Arts & Cultural spaces

Arts & Cultural Space

An art space can’t be just about the items exhibited. It’s also about traffic flows, the environment, and guides; and only if all these elements are clear and consistent can the space help visitors fully immerse themselves in what the exhibition has to convey. We provide ceiling fans in a variety of different artistic styles to bring in all the right design elements, add the finishing touches to your space, and let your space’s beauty shine through.

Green factories

Green Factory

Renewable energy and re-engineering make cyclical, environmentally-friendly workplaces possible; and that means better work experiences, and gives the Earth room to breathe. By making environmental protection a part of our everyday routines, and by reducing emissions, we can build a better world for all people.

Living spaces

Living Space

A popular misconception holds that indoor air quality is better than that outdoors. However, in our living environments, we are often surrounded by harmful substances, such as pollutants, bacteria, and microorganisms. These substances may not be visible to the naked eye, but they can still be harmful, even deadly. Common examples include formaldehyde in furniture coatings and dust from unclean filters; these can all have indirect effects, resulting in respiratory symptoms and causing even more severe physical harm over time.

Performance spaces

Performance Space

Large numbers of people arrive, are channeled to their seats, and stay seated together for a long time. To deal with such crowds, a performance space requires high-quality air convection facilities; only if the air quality is good will audiences have a superior viewing experience, and only then will performers be able to perform at their best. making everyone to enjoy the show while keeping the air fresh at all times. With the air quality we help provide, every performance can be a fresh, enjoyable experience.

Success stories

Success Story

Below you’ll find some examples of the services we offer. Whatever your space, we can provide you with the best solutions to meet your requirements.